Hello from Rabat!

We’ve just finished our first week of training – woohoo! It’s actually only been 4 days but it feels like it’s been much longer since we have been so busy.

Our training days have been full of all things Peace Corps from about 8:30 am to 6 or 7 pm. Cori’s favorite part so far has been the language training in Darija, which is the Moroccan dialect of Arabic. It’s challenging, but it was one of the things she was most looking forward to and so far she’s been enjoying it. Matt has been enjoying it a lot more than he expected.

We learned where we’ll be for our next ten weeks of training – a town called Tounet, which we don’t know much about except that it’s near mountains north of Fes. While we’re there, we’ll be living with a host family and practicing leading activities in the local youth center (dar chebab), which gives us a chance to practice language and teaching/working with the kids.  We’re excited and a little nervous to meet our host family but definitely ready to start learning Darija from them!

Today was a much needed day off – we had a great time exploring Rabat. We went to the Casbah (old castle), explored some Roman ruins, and walked through a ridiculously crowded and noisy market in the Medina (old city).  See the pic dump below.

More updates to come! We miss you all!

-Matt and Cori

Hassan II Tower

Hassan II Tower

Cori with the Casbah and ocean in the background

Cori with the Casbah and ocean in the background

View from the Casbah over the ocean

View from the Casbah over the ocean


Walking through the shops in the Medina

9 thoughts on “Hello from Rabat!

  1. Thanks for posting pictures – it is fun to see what the city looks like and is especially fun to see you. Can’t wait to hear more as you get to your host family’s home – I am sure you will learn some very cool customs and traditions. Good luck with the language! We miss you and look forward to your updates. Love you guys! – Mom and Dad

  2. Awesome. So glad you are there and safe and enjoying it! Looks amazing. Is the address you posted still good? When will you be in that location?

    • Thanks for the comments everyone! We’re moving to Tounet on Thursday and will be there for the next ten weeks or so. The address in the About Us page is the correct address for while we’re there and until further notice 🙂

  3. Rock the Casbah! (Sorry, I had to.) Glad you guys are having fun, and I love the blog title. Some things don’t change no matter where you are.

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