Settling in

Hey all!

We’ve had an exhausting but great week here in Taounete. Some current volunteers came to work with us this week to lead a couple Peace Corps mandated activities with the kids at our Dar Chebab, and it’s been really helpful to hear first-hand from them about their experiences. Our activities were pretty chaotic – tons of kids showed up and we’re all still pretty limited in our language abilities so we had a hard time moderating – but they were great learning experiences.

The volunteers also gave us some great ideas for activities to keep us all sane here, which we took full advantage of. We had an American movie night, complete with popcorn – we were able to use one of the Peace Corps staff members’ projectors to watch (what else…) Casablanca. It was a really nice chance to get all of the volunteers to hang out together in an atmosphere that didn’t include any learning, and we all had a really great time.

Today was also an awesome day – one of the host families in the group offered to host our whole group for lunch. This is a great example of Moroccan hospitality considering our group included 18 people! They fed us basically a 5-course meal, which included salad, chicken, meat, fruit parfaits and then fruit for dessert. Then after we’d all finished eating (around 3), she informed us that she was also making us cascarot (teatime “snack”) at 5:30. Matt and I took the opportunity to go for an awesome hike up one of the neighboring peaks with a group of volunteers, and it was so nice to get out and do some physical activity, which is something we rarely have time for. Not to mention we had a beautiful view from the top. Then we got to come back to a massive snack that included some pretty delicious and surprisingly American-tasting pizza! So even though this week has been exhausting, it’s also provided us a nice break from learning Darija and some great opportunities to do more around Taounete.

Back to the grind this week – we have a trip to Fez for more Peace Corps training, and we should be back to regular Darija lessons as well after that. Miss you all!

Cori and Matt

Cori with Taounete across the valley (please ignore the goofy look on my face)

Cori with Taounete across the valley (please ignore the goofy look on my face)

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