New Address!

We finally have a new address!

Send us mail at:
Cori and Matt MacFarland
B.P. 737
Azilal Medina
Azilal, Morocco 22000

Right now we’re in the midst of working at Spring Camp, so we don’t have the time to write out a nice blog post – sorry! From our point of view the fact that we have an address is way more exciting than a lot of the other stuff we write about :-). Hopefully we’ll be back soon with more updates. We miss you all!

Cori and Matt

4 thoughts on “New Address!

  1. OK I will write a letter tonight even though I am sure I will talk to you and update you on all the news and happenings before you get the letter. But it is still so fun to get mail! Can I now send small packages? And if so send me a list of things you really really miss and want me to send you. Of course I will make cookies and inlcude those. Love you guys and miss you. Mom and Dad

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