Welcome to our home!

You may have noticed, since it has been included in 4 out of the last 6 posts, that our house is pretty important to us. Today we’re dedicating the whole post to it by taking you on a tour! We’ve been lucky to inherit lots of furniture, books, food, and other miscellaneous stuff, so that’s why these rooms are already so full (well, by Peace Corps standards anyway).

First is the most important room in the house… the kitchen :). Ours is a little small but it does have a balcony – that’s a rug hanging to dry on the railing of the balcony in the back of the picture. We also have a fridge and an oven that didn’t fit into the picture. We inherited lots of seasonings and baking supplies from previous volunteers so we’ve been having a good time jumping back into cooking.

This is our kitchen (that's a rug hanging to dry on the balcony in the background)

View from the balcony off the kitchen

View from the balcony

Next is our bedroom. We love the cross breeze that these two windows create (although we might feel differently once winter comes around).

Our bedroom

View from the bedroom window

View from the open window of downtown Azilal

We also have a second bedroom, which is mostly empty except for these massive closets – hooray storage space!


Last but not least is our salon, or living room. This is where we keep the computer, and consequently its where we spend most of our time when we’re at home. You can see our Ohio State flag sitting behind Matt on the couch – once we figure out how to hang it, this is where it’s going!

Looking into the sitting room from the entryway

Looking in from the entryway


So that’s our little American sanctuary in the middle of Azilal. So far we’ve been concentrating on cleaning and organizing – next comes decorating and really making it feel like home. We hope this gives you all a little bit of a visual of what our life is like here… and we hope you can also see we have plenty of room to host any visitors! *wink, wink*

6 thoughts on “Welcome to our home!

  1. Looks fabulous! What an adventure you guys are on. Love the pictures outside the windows, and it’s great to see what it’s really like in other parts of our big world!

    • It is pretty noisy at times – there are some kids that play soccer right outside our window until midnight or so, sometimes loud trucks come by, and we’re right next to the mosque (you can see the tower from the open window picture) so we always wake up with the call to prayer around 4 or 5 am. Hopefully we get used to those noises soon! -M

  2. LOVE LOVE the pictures! The place looks quite homey (and so clean lol) — now for a few pictures on the wall.. You were pretty lucky getting this apartment. My favorite part is the arched doorways. Thanks for posting the pictures so we can “see” how you are living.

  3. wwwwwwaaaaaattttttttteeeeerrrrrrmmmmmeeeeelllloooonnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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