The Ouzoud Falls

The Cascades d’Ouzoud or Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of the biggest ecotourism sites in Morocco.  At 110m, the main waterfall is the 7th tallest waterfall in Africa… and luckily enough for us, the falls are only a 30 minute drive away from Azilal! A trip there has been hanging over our heads for months with questions about it nearly every day from somebody in Azilal: “Bonjour! Ouzoud?” (a lot of people think we’re French tourists) or, “Are you going to Ouzoud?” or, “Have you been to Ouzoud yet? No? Why not??”

People are mostly just flabbergasted because the only reason foreigners come to Azilal at all is to get to Ouzoud or to the Bougamez Valley (another popular ecotourism site that we have yet to visit…), so the fact that we’re foreigners and have not yet visited these places is a little odd. And now that we’ve  visited Ouzoud  we understand the question a little better – people keep asking because Ouzoud is BEAUTIFUL and what the heck were we doing living so close and not going to see it?!  We finally got our chance to visit this past weekend, and now we can finally answer all the questions with “Yes, we’ve been… and it was awesome!”

We really enjoyed getting a chance to see Ouzoud. There are tons of things to do there – artisan booths to shop at, a short hike to the big waterfall, lots of little restaurants, swimming holes and jumping rocks, monkeys to take way too many pictures of, and tons of little hiking paths for longer hikes (we explored for a couple hours and found some awesome scenery and a little cave)! Are you all planning to come visit us yet??

You need to look at this one full size to truly appreciate Matt's insanity

You need to look at this one full size to fully appreciate Matt’s insanity

Exploring the cave

Exploring a little cave



Gorgeous river valley

Gorgeous river valley – this is a nice hike way past the touristy areas

Did we convince you? Come visit!

6 thoughts on “The Ouzoud Falls

  1. OK So how high up was Matt when he jumped — Matt you are crazy! But the pictures are great – so beautiful!

  2. hi this is hudson matt-hew and co-ri check behind the waterfalls for hiddddddddddeeeennnnn

  3. hi my name is willy and im currently in azilal right now. i was in azrou and nikki and brenna from peace corps recommended i come here. how do i make that jump in the picture? any other advice or tips would be much appreciated1

    • Hi Willy! You can take a taxi to Ouzoud (17dh) and then to do the jump in the picture you just need to climb up the wall next to the big falls. You should be able to see the hand and footholds when you’re there up close. There is also some great hiking and more jumps if you follow the trail down away from the big falls (it goes for hours if you have the time).

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