I swear we do work sometimes…

Hey all! So my family’s been making some cracks at me about how Matt and I are always off on vacation somewhere having fun and not doing any work, or about how scant our work schedule has been lately when we have had work. I hope you’ll all be glad to know that we’re back to work this week… well, at least until Ramadan starts next week :-).

After a couple weeks of being lazy and not leaving the house a whole lot, we’ve split up for the first half of the week. Matt went to help with another PCV’s program that is taking some kids to climb Mt. Toubkal (highest peak in N. Africa! can you believe that counts as work?), and I stayed in Azilal to start off the first summer camp of the season. A few volunteers came up to help with the camp (thank you!!) so it’ll be a good time. We started our first day of camp today with 20 kids and ended the day with 40 kids – so if that’s any indication for how the camp is going to go, I’m sure I’ll accumulate some good stories to share with you next week after we’re done. And of course we’ll be sure to post Matt’s pics up here at some point too!

Miss you all and hope you’re all enjoying a nice, relaxing summer!


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