From Our Kuzina to Yours – Juices!

Not much time to post this week, so I figured I’d tide you guys over with some quick recipes… although I’m not sure you could even call them that since these are so super simple. It’s a quick collection of juices that are popular here in Morocco that I hadn’t seen before I got here (although I’m sure they’re popular around the world).

1)      Orange and cucumber juice

  • Peel, core (opt.) and chop a cucumber, add to blender
  • Pour enough orange juice in to cover the cucumber (it’s delicious with fresh-squeezed OJ, which luckily for us is being sold all over the place during Ramadan!)
  • Blend and you’re done!  This is a popular juice that a lot of Moroccans have for breakfast during Ramadan. I like to add a pinch of cinnamon and ground ginger to mine but that’s just me; I think the Moroccans usually stick to sugar.

2)      Orange and beet juice

  • Boil whole beets until tender (this takes about 45 min – 1 hr)
  • Peel beets and then roughly cut and add to blender
  • Add orange juice and a little bit of water to cover beets, and add sugar to taste
  • Blend and enjoy! I just got to taste this one at someone’s house a couple days ago and I haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet, so I apologize if the amounts are off a little. As with any of these, feel free to play with ratios until it’s something you’re happy with!

3)      Banana juice

  • Peel and slice a banana or two, add to blender.
  • Pour enough milk in to cover bananas.
  • Blend and add milk to desired consistency. I like it pretty liquidy – it’s a great snack for when you want something a little less solid than a smoothie. And I know “banana juice” sounds kind of ridiculous in English, but it’s the direct translation of what the Moroccans call it, so I figured I’d use it. This is sold at cafes, and our host family in Taounate used to have it with fruit or sweets for dinner (remember, that’s 10 pm here) when we didn’t want anything big. Moroccans usually add quite a bit of sugar but I like mine with cinnamon and ginger instead.

 4)      Avocado juice

  • Peel and slice an avocado, add to blender.
  • Add milk to cover.
  • Blend and enjoy! This one is popular at cafes here… and to be honest I’ve never actually made it. Avocados are a little expensive and I prefer to use the ones we buy to make guacamole :). But it’s definitely an interesting idea so I figured I’d share it. Let me know how it ends up if any of you try it!

I’ve been working on my harira recipe, which is like an extra-delicious Moroccan version of tomato soup. It’s not ready yet, but I’m gonna wait to post it until the fall anyway. Moroccans don’t hesitate to make it in the dead of summer (I guess the attitude is that it’s hot enough here already so it doesn’t really matter), but I can’t imagine many of you would try it out in the hot weather I’m sure you’re all having. So I figured I’d post something a little more summer-appropriate in the meantime :). Hope you enjoy!

– Cori

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