Beautiful Morocco

This video has been making the rounds among Moroccan volunteers lately. It’s a beautiful video that does a great job of showcasing the diversity of what Morocco has to offer, and it has some really gorgeous shots… if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, I’d definitely recommend it (I feel the need to add a disclaimer that neither I nor Peace Corps are affiliated with the filmmakers in any way – I just think it’s a great video).

Matt and I have done quite a bit of traveling around Morocco (which anyone who reads this blog already knows) and we’ve really enjoyed getting a first-hand look at the beauty of this country. Our most recent trip was to go hiking out in the valley of Ait Bougamez, which is a popular hiking destination a couple of hours from Azilal. That area is also where a lot of health and environment volunteers used to live before their program ended; they lived in lots of tiny, isolated Amazigh villages way up in the mountains. It was really interesting to get a quick glance at what life in those towns is like, and what it would have been like to be a PCV in those areas. This hiking trip is probably the coolest trip we’ve taken so far, and undoubtedly it’s where we saw some of the most amazing scenery we’ve seen here. We’ve posted some pictures to give you a peek – enjoy!






8 thoughts on “Beautiful Morocco

  1. Wow! The video is so cool and I love how it depicts Morocco with its sounds as well as its photography – so well done! Can’t wait to come! I see in your photos you are quite weighted down on your backpacking trip – no wonder you found it tiring – what beautiful scenery. Sounds like you guys are really experiencing the country and all it has to offer. Well done!!
    – Love Mom and Dad

  2. Video and your photos great. Loved the night sky with the myriad of stars and hearing the
    crickets. Felt like I was there. Then the surfers and you were here :-). Keep ’em coming!

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