The apple of his eye

Matt and I  just got back from our Bike4SIDA trip, which was a big project where we biked to different towns to do events about AIDS (SIDA is the french acronym). We’ll have more information on that trip up here as soon as we get some final numbers and pictures, but in the meantime I figured I’d share a story about the weirdest thing that happened the whole trip, and possibly in my whole time here in Morocco.

I was sitting with some friends eating at an outdoor restaurant when a hand reaches in front of my face and puts an apple down in front of me. I turn around to see a middle-aged man walking away from me, so I turn back to my friends and we laugh about it, but we figure that’s that. A few minutes later, he walks back up to our table and this conversation ensues (paraphrased because I was slightly stupefied by the whole encounter and so I wasn’t listening that closely):

Man, to my male friends: “That one (me) pleases me. I want to marry her.”
Friends: “… what?”
Man: “Can I marry her?”
Friends: “No! She’s married.”
Man: “Ok, sorry.”
Friends: “No problem, bye.”
At this point the man turns to walk away, then turns back around.
Man: “What about the other ones?” (referring to the other girls at the table)
Friends: “Ok, that’s enough. Goodbye.”

Throughout the entire encounter, this guy never made eye contact with me or any of the other girls at all (I noticed because I was staring at him in disbelief) and only spoke to the men at the table. After he left we all had a “did that really just happen??” moment… and then we gave the proposal apple away to a beggar. I’m not about to eat that!

5 thoughts on “The apple of his eye

  1. Proposal apple! I love it! You’ve got to admit, you ARE quite pleasing. 😉 This is, indeed, a crazy world we live in. I guess you can rack this up as one more life experience to tell future children & grandchildren.

    Congratulations on completing the bike4SIDA. You guys are so awesome! As you know, the acronym is the same in Spanish, so I got to have a moment of feeling knowledgeable–always cool when that happens.

    We will all miss you and Matthew so much over Thanksgiving. Glad to hear that you’ll be participating in a Thanksgiving gathering of your own. Sending big hugs your way and hoping you’re both feeling well.

    Lots of love,
    Lisa (and Dave and Emma and Claire and Luna)

  2. Wow, unexpected. Glad your friends turned him down. We’d hate to loose you for an apple. I am sure we could come up with some convincing fruit if needed.

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