A few days ago my family left to return to America after visiting Matt and I for the holidays. They’ve agreed to write a guest post about their trip, but I wanted to put up a quick blurb too. I’ll try to keep it short so I don’t steal their thunder.

Their visit was great for many reasons, number one being that it was fantastic to see my family again after almost a year of being away. We also got to travel to tons of cool places, stay at hotels a few steps nicer than the ones Matt and I usually frequent, and eat lots of delicious food. We got to see coast, plains, desert, and mountains, and we visited some of the major cities – Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes – as well as Azilal and my training site. We hit some really touristy places, but also got to see the more local side of things while sharing meals with my host families and Moroccan friends. All in all, it was a great trip.

I expected their visit to help me see Morocco through new eyes again. While this didn’t exactly happen (I suppose I was too excited to share the things that give me headaches on a daily basis), what did happen was a realization of how far Matt and I have come in the time we’ve been living here. I watched my family using the little bit of Darija they had learned, asking about how to share out of a communal dish, and being coerced into a Moroccan dance party by Mama Naima, and I was reminded of Matt and me at the beginning of our training here. Back then we knew just as little as they did, but here we are almost a year later, (somewhat) confidently leading them on a tour of Morocco. We’ve been living this transformation, so it’s been a little bit harder to see for us… and after living here for a while and still running into many situations every week where we have no idea what’s going on, it was a nice reminder and confidence-booster to see the change :).

Mom, Dad, Eric and Rachel – thanks again for coming! I miss you guys again already!



Now they'll understand that 50 degrees outside also means 50 degrees inside.

Now they’ll understand that 50 degrees outside also means 50 degrees inside.


Classic sibling bonding time. In a cave.

Classic sibling bonding time. In a cave.

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