It’s cold in the mountains…

Sorry for the delay in posting… it’s been a little hard getting back into a routine after the holidays and my parents’ visit. I’ve had enough trouble motivating myself to write lesson plans, let alone a blog post when it seems like nothing worth writing about has been happening here. Luckily, yesterday something exciting did happen… it snowed!

So pretty!

So pretty!

Snow is not common in most areas of Morocco. It shows in the way the houses are built – flat roofs used to dry clothes are not fun to clean off if it snows, and most buildings are built out of concrete and have zero insulation, which means the average indoor temperature in Azilal is in the high 40s right now. We do have a space heater in our house, but that only helps so much. We compensate by wearing the same amount of clothing inside as we do outside… or sometimes more.

It's cold here.

It’s cold here.

It does snow semi-regularly if you go about an hour further into the mountains from us, but here in Azilal we only see it a few times per winter (or so I’ve heard), and that scarcity is what makes it all the more exciting. We didn’t get an official snow day (pretty sure those don’t exist), but there was still such a general air of excitement in the air that it felt like some kind of holiday. We got stopped on our way to the Dar Chebab to take a couple pictures with some friends, we had a couple quick snowball fights, we saw our supervisor the most excited we have ever seen him, and since no one showed up for our classes, we got to take the night off to play in the snow and build snowmen with the few kids who came.

He's a little bit dirty... there wasn't THAT much snow.

He’s a little bit dirty… there wasn’t THAT much snow.

We really only got a couple inches, and for two people from Ohio that’s not actually that remarkable. But the combination of seeing snow in a country known for its deserts, experiencing the pure joy of kids who rarely get to see snow, and feeling a little bit closer to wintry Ohio made it almost as exciting as the snow days we used to get as kids. Although I gotta admit… now that I’ve seen it snow here once, I’m ready for it to get warm again. Come on spring!!

– Cori

3 thoughts on “It’s cold in the mountains…

  1. The first snow of the year is always so exciting; however that feeling goes away quickly, as the season drags on and on! Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves – get some gloves on those kids!! LOL

  2. So I was thinking…do they even have plows there? or shovels? How do those taxi drivers drive in the snow? …that’s just scary thinking about it. Lol

    • Yeah they do actually have plows here! I was surprised to see one, but I guess it snows enough that it’s worth it for the city to have them. We also heard the buses were canceled while there was snow in the road, but I doubt the taxis were. I guess they just take it slow (hopefully).

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