The King is Coming!

The King is coming to visit Azilal this week, and it’s the most exciting thing to happen here since it snowed that first time in February. Preparations have been going on since last week – first the big dust field where the events happen was watered, flattened, and covered in gravel. Curbs and fences all over town were repainted, along with key buildings and street lines. Tents and crowd barriers have now been set up in a couple locations, and every government building is covered in red and green banners. Flags or banners fly at every store, house, and street corner in the main area of town, and taxis and mini-buses drive up and down the streets boasting their own flags. Matt and I have really been enjoying the atmosphere, and we even took a stroll around town yesterday to see and take pictures of all the new decorations.

I remember Obama coming to Ohio State once, and the preparations that were made for him don’t hold a candle to what’s going on right now in Azilal. I think it’s because the King is a much bigger part of daily life here than the President is in the States. For example, his picture is in every house, store, café, and building. It’s on the sides of buildings and in the streets. Upon entering the center of Azilal, a small billboard of the king is one of the first things you see. Additionally, as the spiritual leader of Morocco, the King is shown on TV every Friday praying at the mosque after the mid-day call to prayer. Government works and projects don’t begin until the King attends an opening ceremony (this is part of the reason he’s coming to Azilal). Morocco’s official name is the Kingdom of Morocco, and its motto, which is written on hillsides across the nation for the King to see, is Allah, Al-Watan, Al-Malik, or God, Country, King.

Morocco’s current king, King Mohamed VI, is the third since the country gained independence in 1956. He ascended to the throne in 1999, after his father passed away, and has been considered one of the more moderate leaders of the region. During the Arab Spring in 2011, Morocco avoided large-scale unrest by adopting changes to the constitution in which the King gave up some of his power. I honestly don’t know much about his policies, but I am excited to see him when he comes anyway. More accurately, I’m excited to see how people react to him. I’m not sure if the extravagant preparations reflect the attitude of the general public – the only people I’ve talked to about the King’s visit are my English-speaking students, who generally tell me they don’t care about it at all – so I’m interested to see what the atmosphere is like when the King actually comes.

Due to security reasons, the King doesn’t announce which day he’ll be visiting, so I can’t tell you when exactly it’ll happen. It’s been a little bit hard to plan our schedule for the week, because you can be sure whichever day he does come, we won’t be getting anything done. But I don’t mind the uncertainty of the timing – it kind of makes the whole week feel like a vacation. And what better timing than a week before our actual vacation? Plus I like to think that the King’s visit is actually to come see us off on our trip home to America. 🙂

 – Cori

p.s. I do have lots of pictures to go with this post, but for whatever reason WordPress won’t let me upload them. Hopefully I’ll get them up soon!

5 thoughts on “The King is Coming!

  1. Oh this is exciting! It’s neat that he is coming to your little town. I can’t wait to hear about the visit!

  2. Glad you guys find it interesting! Recent developments: trucks full of people from the villages out in the mountains driving into Azilal, plastered with flags and pictures of the king, honking and making lots of noise in celebration. It’s pretty fun!

  3. Just read a couple of your blogs that I’d missed earlier. This one sounds like such
    a colorful event. Then you were in Spain so I wonder if you missed the actual visit of
    the king. Love reading about all that you are doing and glad you have such enthusiasm
    in your second year of Peace Corping. Love, Gma

    • He actually came just before our visit to the states home at the end of May so we got to see him. It was a really festive atmosphere with people lining the streets starting at 8 in the morning just to wait for him to drive by. He didn’t even show up until around 5pm. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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