Mending a Bridge and Searching for Water

My friend wrote a great summary of the work we did with Engineers with Borders this summer – check out his post!

K & O travels

This is my blog writing routine and thought process:

  • Sit down, knowing the general subject of what should follow (current or recent events).
  • Am I writing to simply report happenings? If so, who could possibly be that interested in this?
  • Is there something more to it than me, talking about me, to you?
  • I then remember this blog is mainly written for family and friends tuning in for a quick update on the Moroccan routine and a simple report is much more of what they are looking for than convoluted expoundings upon a culture and people still very much a mystery to the author.
  • Here is the point I get up and clean the dishes.
  • Style and dramatics are often just a distraction. The whos and whys and wheres and hows are what counts.

For two and a half weeks of August I was in a commune of small villages about…

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2 thoughts on “Mending a Bridge and Searching for Water

  1. Thanks for your post Matthew. It’s always interesting to get a little glimpse of your life in Morroco, even if it is coming from someone else. 🙂

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