Go Bucks!

This photo made it into the Ohio State Alumni Magazine a little bit ago:


The caption reads:

Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque makes a stunning “i” in this photo submitted by Ron Erb ’82, ’85 MS. From left to right are Ohio State student Rachel Erb, Matthew MacFarland ’10, ’12 MS and Cori Erb MacFarland ’10. Cori and Matthew, who met as members of Ohio State’s Marching Band, are serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco.

We took it back in December when my family visited at the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. The mosque is a seriously amazing place to visit. It’s the biggest mosque in Morocco, the seventh-biggest in the world, and has the tallest minaret in the world. The mosque and its grounds can hold nearly as many people as Ohio Stadium, approximately 105,000 (Wikipedia).  It’s also the only mosque in Morocco that I know of that welcomes non-Muslims inside, although unfortunately we didn’t have time to take the tour. It’s great to see this picture in the Alumni magazine combining our love of Morocco and of Ohio State!

In other Buckeye-related happenings, we’ve been enjoying the football season so far and have been able to stream a lot of the games live, which has been lots of fun. One Saturday I got all excited because I thought it’d be fun to make buckeyes to add to the gameday atmosphere.

This is the extent of our game-day atmosphere. Well, this and me trying to figure out OSU songs on the recorder we have.

This is the extent of our gameday atmosphere. Well, this and me trying to figure out OSU songs on the recorder we have.

I was really proud of myself for creating a double boiler out of a big pot and a loaf pan to melt the chocolate, but that’s where my successes ended. I’m not sure if it was because the only chocolate I could find to melt was a bar with almonds, or because I deviated a bit from the recipe, but the buckeyes turned out more like chocolate-peanut butter swirl balls than buckeyes, which was disappointing. I’d had plans to photograph them and put a picture up here along with a blurb about us watching the games… but I guess my blurb was destined to be accompanied by a story about how I failed to make buckeyes instead. Such is Peace Corps, and such is life. And as Matt pointed out, those buckeyes still tasted damn good.

— Cori

Happy Holiday!

Today is 3id al-Adha, also called the Feast of the Sacrifice. It’s one of the biggest Islamic holidays and is widely celebrated in Morocco (you can read and see more about it from last year’s post if you’re interested). You might notice that last year we posted about it later in October – that’s because 3id al-Adha takes place on the 10th day of the last month in the Islamic calendar, which means on the Gregorian calendar it moves up every year.

We’ll be spending the day with our host family to share the festivities and family time that accompany the holiday. Despite the one big difference, the rest of the day feels surprisingly like Christmas or Thanksgiving – we’ll spend lots of time visiting family and friends today and in the coming days, we’ll eat lots of food, and we’ll enjoy the atmosphere of school and work being closed. And even though most of you aren’t celebrating today, Matt and I wanted to take the chance to wish you all a happy holiday anyway! As you cook your meals today just imagine us watching a sheep get butchered, skinned, and then helping to prepare its organs. 🙂

Mbrouk l-3id! !مبروك عواشر Happy holiday!

– Cori and Matt