Fall in Azilal

We’ve been having some really nice fall days recently – the kind that are sunny and just a little chilly and remind me of football games in the ‘Shoe early in the season. But of course it’s a little different here, because these days happen in November instead of September, and we use them to pick olives instead of apples or pumpkins:



Fresh olive oil vs. fresh pie is a tough call. But I guess either way it’s fun to do the picking!

– Cori

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

p.p.s. M*ch*g@n sucks.

5 thoughts on “Fall in Azilal

  1. Getting excited about you two returning! It seems to be just around the corner now. Enjoy your olives and stay warm! Love,



  2. it is fun to do the picking — do you guys make anything with them or eat them straight? I know your host famliy makes that delicious olive oil but wasn’t sure what you two did if anything. Go Bucks!

  3. Catie – yeah us too! time is starting to fly by…

    Mom and Dad – these are actually our host family’s trees, we were just helping our host mom pick for a while. She’ll take them to a processing plant to get oil made since she has a pretty big harvest this year… I think last year it was smaller so she made it herself. It’s necessary to either brine olives or make oil, you can’t eat them fresh. I’m definitely looking forward to when that oil will be done!

  4. We will miss you for Thanksgiving again this year but you and Matt will certainly be in our prayers. Turkey, family and football. Going to be a great weekend and yes, TTUN still sucks. Brady is going down – again.

    Love you


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