Learning to Crochet

My work at the women’s center has recently been put on hold due to some construction in my classroom. But this means that I get to sit and hang out with the women instead of teaching, which is something I’ve actually been enjoying much more. Plus it means I’ve finally gotten a chance to do something I’ve been wanting to do all year – learn how to crochet the Moroccan way!

I’d been working one a couple things at home to sharpen up my skills so that when I started learning in front of the women I wouldn’t look like a total idiot. The first time I went to sit with them, I brought a hat in that I’d been working on. They were fascinated by it – not by the pattern, but by the size of my crochet hook and of the yarn. Check out this picture:

The ones I got in America are on the left; the ones I got here are on the right

The ones I got in America are on the left; the ones I got here are on the right

You can see that the standard Moroccan stuff is waaaaay smaller than what I was using. They all wanted to try my American supplies out, so I taught them the stitch I was doing and my hat got passed around for the rest of the afternoon – they finished about a quarter of it for me!

Hat! Finished with thanks to about 5 other women who helped me.

Hat! Finished with thanks to about 5 other women who helped me.

It’s a very communal atmosphere there – everyone lends out their supplies for others to practice with, and those who know a skill teach it to everyone else. It’s a stark contrast to how I’d craft in the states – I was always open to learning from others but when it came to my own projects, I wanted to be the one to do them.

This communal crocheting is very much in tune with other communal aspects of the culture here – like how people should never have to sleep in a house alone (which people always remind me of when Matt’s traveling) or how doing any activities alone is considered kind of sad. I had a hard time with that during homestay, when I’d want to read but didn’t want to have to explain it to my host family. I was a little wary of sharing my crocheting at first, but it all turned out well. And now that my hat is done I get to start learning how to use those small hooks – here’s to hoping I don’t look like a total noob when I go in there today!

— Cori

6 thoughts on “Learning to Crochet

  1. Oooh! I like the hat! This is neat that they are so “communal” as you put it. I felt that too when we were there – especially when we visited families and we stayed over. So open and friendly. What a great way to be. We need more of that here in America, don’t you think?

  2. Great hat, Cori! Fun to read about your crochet experiences. Wish I could show them
    how to crochet a sunhat with plastic bag strips. Do they have plastic bags for produce in
    the local stores? Love, Grandma W.

  3. Merry Christmas to you both! The idea of that closeness of a women’s group is so appealing and I think we could benefit from this outlook as women in this country.

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